What is the Alpha Project?

“Alpha” in its essence represents excellence, significance, dominance, as well as the beginning. The term “Finding Alpha” in commonly used the financial world as the practice of identifying the best possible strategy to maximizing ones returns.  We have taken that concept and translated in into maximizing business performance.  The most successful businesses are the ones who know how to identify, evaluate, exploit, maximise, and take ethical advantage of opportunities that exist inside and outside of their business.  However, finding the time, strategies, expertise, to maximize these areas becomes challenging especially when you are trying to run a business.

Both the MindCoach Management System and masterminds are designed to help you think differently and look at yourself and your business in a way you have never experienced before.   We work to find “Alpha” in your business to achieve the highest and best version of yourself, your marketing, your team, assets, and relationships.   You will be amazed at the breakthroughs we discover and the value this provides…

Our Why?

We believe that the only limitations in business are the ones we place on ourselves.   It’s exciting to accept the mindset that there are in fact endless hidden possibilities to discover within any business.  When you think in this way the universe opens its doors.  Our passion is to share this mindset with others, to shift paradigms, challenge the status quo, and identify new ways to  grow both the companies and its people.   Together we carefully dissect the issues at hand and apply new strategies, methods,  and analysis to create massive advantage for the clients we serve.  The biggest reward we receive is seeing our clients smile  ear to ear when we produce  results they never thought possible.

Due to no fault of their own, business owners that spend massive amounts of time and energy inside their own industry develop a form of innovation and marketing myopia.  In other words it becomes very difficult to see any alternatives outside of what everyone else in the industry is doing.  Peter Drucker, the iconic business management consultant, said “businesses only have two primary functions, one is marketing, and the other is innovation.”  Both of these functions require the ability to stand out from the crowd.  Especially in todays day and age standing out is becoming increasingly harder and harder to achieve.  Not to mention, over time as more companies within the industry adopt industry best practices their respective results become marginalized.  Finding a way be be different and produce outstanding results is practically impossible. Unless you do something no one else is doing.  Therefore, to really stand out, it takes a new way of thinking to succeed in todays competitive environment, and we love the challenge.

Attributes Of An Elite Mastermind

All masterminds are NOT created equal.  Regardless of whether of not you decide to join the Alpha Project Mastermind or you decide to use our mastermind facilitation service. We urge you to use this checklist to ensure you are participating in a high quality mastermind.  There is a science to extracting value form these types of groups.  What most people don’t realize is that EVERY participant in a mastermind unknowingly has skills, assets, resources, and life experiences and that have untold value to the other people in the mastermind.  Without an expertly designed agenda along with socratic questioning these breakthrough go undiscovered. 

Why Goal Setting Matters

83% of the population does not have goals, 14% have a plan in mind, but are unwritten goals, and 3% have goals written down. The 14% who have goals are 10x times more successful than those without goals. The 3% with written goals are 3x times more successful than the 14% with unwritten goals. – (Harvard Business Study)

MindCoach System Lessons

Why are you doing what you are doing?

What is your level of commitment?

How real is your dream?