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The only limit to creating Joint Ventures is one's creativity
Joint Venture MARKETING

We provide companies like yours with new streams of income through joint ventures.


We facilitate new revenue through strategic re-engagement  of past inactive clients.  

Mastermind Group

Attend one of our mastermind sessions to expand your network and save both time and money.

Add new revenue streams, and only pay if it works

Are you unknowingly limiting the growth of your company?  Do you find that your company lacks the resources, people, or knowledge to accomplish your growth objectives?  Many business owners  unintentionally restrict their true potential by limiting their marketing strategies.  In short: many owners severely limit how much their business earns them. If you suspect such a hinderances within your own business, we can help you tap into those unrealized opportunities.  You will be amazed at the opportunities we find. 


The Alpha Project specializes in out-of-the-box venture marketing strategies to find hidden growth opportunities. We have the uncanny ability to uncover a treasure trove of newfound profit centers and revenue streams – pockets of value that are elegantly simple yet profoundly effective. These bonuses are not competitive, but complimentary to your current marketing efforts, products, or services.  If you are a small to midsize company and like the idea of adding new revenue streams – without taking on undue financial risk – we can help.   

Let me buy you 30 minutes of my time

Schedule a complimentary discovery session on me to see if our services are right for you.

Advantages Of Venture Marketing

The benefits of venture marketing goes far beyond adding new revenue streams.  The results of applying creative venture marketing strategies to any enterprise can result in an infinite number of new possibilities.  The only true limit is our own ingenuity.  The primary advantages to venture marketing include:


Dramatically increase speed, scope, and scale.


Leverage the brainpower of others.

New Businesses

Easily add new businesses at will.


Get monetary benefit from others' assets.


Instantly enter new regional or international markets.

Get Access

Instantly get access to other people's products or services.

Lower Costs

Significantly reduce costs by tapping into hidden assets.


Establish trust in the marketplace instantly.

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Clients Testimonials

Adam has a great work ethic and brings not just energy to the project but a terrific business mind and organizational skills. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Bill Keene

Adam's strengths are his creativity, entrepeneurial spirit and likability. I remember his class projects being unique and different; he showed a type and level of thinking that was unusual relative to his peers. He was innovative; he was especially ambitious when it came to developing a new idea.

Brett Bruyere
Professor - Colorado State University

Adam is truly a well rounded business professional...excels in creative ventures and has a solid understanding of basic business principles and operational tactics. And, he's a great guy, to boot!

Steve Birndorf
Director of Business Development at Edison Energy

Adam Kripke is a shining example of a hard-working, innovative, and forward-thinking entrepreneur. He and I have worked closely on a number of projects that span a wide variety of business aspects. I continue to learn a great deal from him especially in the areas of operations, management, and marketing. Adam is very well balanced in terms of his business skills. He is a free thinker, constantly innovating new and creative approaches to any situation.

Ali Hashmi
Programmer/Analyst at Truven Health Analytics

Adam Kripke


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