We Don't Do Training... We Do Transformation


Unlock the peak potential of your company by applying this scientifically proven 7 step process. Learn the secret to culture transformation, happiness at work, and better team communication.


Speed up your companies success through the power of peer to peer mentoring. We facilitate corporate masterminds designed to tap into the collective knowledge, expertise, and insights of any organisation.


Your business may fill your pocket BUT experiences fill your soul. Join us for experiences you will never forget full of education & entertainment. We combine work and play into one unforgettable experience.

Transformation begins with you.

Are you unknowingly limiting the growth of your company? Do you find that your company lacks the resources, people, or knowledge to accomplish your growth objectives?  Many business owners  unintentionally restrict their true potential by limiting their leadership abilities, management strategies, and available resources.  In short: many owners severely limit how much their business earns them because the team may be operating at a suboptimal level. The Alpha Project provides proven systems to tap into these resources and to ultimately unlock the peak potential of any given individual or organization.


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Meet Your Consultant


Adam AKA the “Secret Weapon” has captured the respect and attention of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and working professionals for his unique ability to effortlessly connect invisible dots and to identify innovative yet simple solutions that most business owners never see. This is a result of Adam’s extensive cross-industry knowledge from having owned, operated, worked in, or been deeply affiliated with over 100+ industries and sub-industries over his lifetime.  Adam has participated in over 500 individual projects totalling in excess of $5 Billion dollars in total. Not only does he have the ability to think WAY outside the box but he also can think way inside the box as well. In addition to excelling in the traditional education system more noteabley Adam is author of the MindCoach System, a scientifically proven 7-step process for unlocking peak potential.  This same process also applies to transforming leaders and the culture of an organization. Mr. Kripke graduated from several unconventional educational institutions including 4 of the most prestigious Mastermind educational experts in the world. These highly specialized trainings armed him with even more tools, resources, systems, and proprietary processes that are also shared in the highest-profile Mastermind groups that pay in excess of $250,000 per person per year. Adam lives for creating breakthroughs, stimulating conversation, personal growth, and seeing the smiles of business owners after making a massive breakthrough that will ultimately change their life for the better. 

What Can A Mastermind Do For You?

A better question might be what can’t it do.  Amazing things happen when you surround yourself with highly driven and successful entrepreneurs.  Aside from meeting some truly remarkable people this mastermind is focused on helping you grow your business.  You will be provided with priceless tools, checklists, strategies, insights, and feedback that will potentially shave years off of your timelines to complete your goals.  

What Exactly Is The Mastermind?

Client Testimonials


Adam has a great work ethic and brings not just energy to the project but a terrific business mind and organizational skills. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Bill Keene
Award Winning Realtor

Adam's strengths are his creativity, entrepeneurial spirit and likability. I remember his class projects being unique and different; he showed a type and level of thinking that was unusual relative to his peers. He was innovative; he was especially ambitious when it came to developing a new idea.

Brett Bruyere
Professor - Colorado State University

Adam is truly a well rounded business professional...excels in creative ventures and has a solid understanding of business principles and operational tactics. And, he's a great guy, to boot!

Steve Birndorf
Director of Business Development at Edison Energy

Adam Kripke is a shining example of a hard-working, innovative, and forward-thinking entrepreneur. He and I have worked closely on a number of projects that span a wide variety of business aspects. I continue to learn a great deal from him especially in the areas of operations, management, and marketing. Adam is very well balanced in terms of his business skills. He is a free thinker, constantly innovating new and creative approaches to any situation.

Ali Hashmi
Programmer/Analyst at Truven Health Analytics

I have known Adam for over 30 years. Through that time, he has taught me to challenge myself and to think outside the box. Beyond that, he has helped me learn how important it is to nurture new ideas and concepts to see how they will grow and lead to other opportunities. I have seen this in the way he approaches his work, family, and love for outdoor adventures.

David Shiple
Distinguished Ophthalmologist


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